Location and travel

Lectures will be held at the large auditorium of the Faculty of Philosophy, Saint-Petersburg State University.

St. Petersburg airport (called Pulkovo, code LED, not far from the city center) has many international flights, and flights from major European destinations are cheap, if booked in advance. We advise you to book now, as prices will jump up soon.

    There are also several fast trains from Helsinki and Moscow (about 3h45), and many comfortable
overnight trains from Moscow, which can be used if you plan to visit one of these cities before or after the School.
Note that open jaw flights to those (e.g. flying into St. Petersburg and returning from Moscow) often are the same price as roundtrips.

    The conference venue and many of the hotels close by are on Vasilievsky Island, which is disconnected from the rest of the world at night 1:25am - 5:00am with a small break around 3am. So if you plan to fly in late (after 23:30) or fly out early (before 7:00am) have this in mind.

    The school will start in the morning of Monday June 18 and will finish in the late afternoon of Friday June 29. Provisional schedule has main courses in the morning and tutorials/minicourses/talks in the afternoon during all 10 working days of the school, with Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 being the days off. Please plan to arrive on Sunday June 17 or before, and leave on Saturday June 30 or later.
Николай Тропин,
Jun 15, 2012, 1:34 PM